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The truth about how to have more energy, less fat and no disease!

Welcome to this website! Wellness Solutions provides a wealth of information and helpful advice on how to mak big improvements in your life through positive lifestyle choices.

They're the choices that are yours to make!

Think about all your ailments:

...the list can be (or seems to be) endless.

Have you been told that you are genetically prone to experience or you already have cancer, heart disease or diabetes?

Are you overweight or undernourished and don't know how to fix either one?

Have you forgotten what it's like to have plenty of energy to get through the day with ease?

Are you tired of going to the doctor and spending money on more medications, but nothing seems to be working?

"The greatest obstacle to optimal health isn't ignorance
-- it is the illusion of knowledge!"

- P. Steward

You asked for it and here it is. I have created comprehensive wellness articles that will help you to have more energy, less fat and no disease so you can feel better, look better and spend your time and money on living your life instead of dealing with illness.

These articles can change your life in ways you may not be able to imagine right now.

But I am dedicated to providing the information and truths that you simply cannot find in mainstream media for economic reasons you may not understand just yet.

It's all about working with nuytition, successful diets and the right kind of physical and mental activity. It's time you know what it really takes to be healthy in this country.


The series of articles on diet and health will show you why our food is the basis of our lives. Depending on its quality, food can be the best cure for or the greatest cause of disease, obesity, and lack of energy. Your diet is where everything about your health begins. In these articles, you will discover:

Does all this sound impossible? Have you given up because everything you have tried just doesn't work? It is VERY possible!

Knowledge is power and I am going to give you back your power! The information I offer about nutrition and other lifestyle habits isn't about a magic pill or potion or any product.

It is about undertstanding how your lifestyle habits affect everything about your energy, weight gain, and propensity for illness far more than what you are being told.

That includes how you spend your day, what exercise you get, whether you like to play team sports, if you are one of the first Saturday dancers or not or whether you like to go for a swim or a run before breakfast.

It's time you get unconfused and know how to think for yourself when it comes to improving your own health and those you love.

Testimonials to Penny Steward's Teachings

"I was sick with leukemia that was consuming my blood and eating away my facial bones. Traditional medical treatments and chemotherapy were not helping, but making it worse.

Then I met Penny. She provided me with the information I needed to make better decisions about my health and how to not only stop the cancer from spreading, but to actually eliminate it!

Within a year, I was cancer free. Penny's straightforward knowledge and information helped me to heal my own body and saved my life!"

- C. Timmons, Worthington

"Penny is extremely informative on the subject of wellness. I found her presentation to be encouraging, easy to incorporate, and worthwhile."
- T. Forrest, CPA, Columbus

"Penny's content is totally relevant... she is easy to understand, speaks on our level, is very matter-of-fact, and at the same time, very compassionate."
- A. Whitman, Canton

"I was impressed by Penny's ability to put such technical information into a black and white package that was very easily understood. She obviously has the education, experience, and personality to make a difference in people's lives..."
- R. Pilarcyk, Chardon

"Penny's knowledge and enthusiasm made the material come to life! I am so glad my children got an opportunity to learn from her and they are still quoting her as they make the changes she recommended in their lives..."
- Dr. M. Brickley, Columbus

Why Read This Website?

The original author of this website is a professional wellness consultant, educator, and a corporate/personal wellness consultant.

The information that has since been added to this website by its new author, a professional hypnotherapist and nutritionist, carries the lessons a step further by explaining why we are as we are and how we can change they way we are in a better version of ourselves.

His passion comes from his own health problems in early adulthood that were overcome by understanding, learning and applying what he had learned. This rid him of arthritis, gout and associated weight and health problems.

To this day, thanks to a radical change of diet and some exercise augmentation that he was able to incorporate into his day, he is disease free and leads a normal, healthy and active life.

You can too, by following the teachings and understandings contained in the articles that are published on this website amd learning all about the "do's and don'ts" of a healthy lifestyle.

They are all new, original and written by the new site author using his experiese in the field of health, nutrition and personal growth.